How to measure.

Where to measureYour measurements
BustOver fullest part of bust and around back
WaistLay tape into natural waist curve
HipsOver the highest part of seat and thickest part of thigh’s
ShoulderFrom neck to imaginary armhole seam
Shoulder across backFrom armhole seam to armhole seam
Center back lengthFrom nape of neck to waist
Center front lengthFrom base of neck to waist
Front length 1From center shoulder to waist
Front length 2From center shoulder to highest point of bust
Width across frontFrom armhole seam to armhole seam,halfway between shoulders and bust line
Width across back 1From armhole seam to armhole seam across shoulder blades
Width across back 2As 1 with arms extended forward
ArmholeOver shoulder point, around underarm back to shoulder with arm against body
Side-seamFrom armhole to waist line
Underarm sleeve-seamFrom lowest part of armhole to wrist with arm extended outward 45°
Outside sleeve lengthFrom point halfway between shoulder and underarm seam over bent elbow to wrist
Sleeve length to elbowFrom shoulder point to elbow
Neck 1Around base
Neck 2Around neck
ForearmAround fullest part of arm muscle
WristOver wrist bone
Top armAround fullest part
Center back full lengthFrom nape of neck into waist to hem
High hipAbout 3inch below waist line over hip bone
Skirt lengthFrom waist line over side hip to hem
Trouser depth of crotchFrom center waist line through crotch to center back waist line
Trouser inside legStand with legs spread. Measure from inside crotch, to below ankle bone. Finished length depends on heel height worn.

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