What is fashion to me?

To me, fashion is something different and unique.

The colours, the patterns, the different shapes and styles.

There are so many fashion styles out there, its ridiculous.

When I was a little girl I was always fascinated by all the fancy ball gowns that I saw on TV, all the detail that went into making those dresses.

Ballet dresses will forever be my favorite kind, the colours, the fabric, the detail.

All the little things that matter are the most important but are often taken for granted.

The tiny bits of DNA that might accidentally end up on the clothes when you prick your finger, the struggle of piecing the patterns together, the frustrations of the machine not working or the material getting stuck.

Those little things matter the most, because those small details are what make up the dress.


That is what I love about fashion.

The simple yet important things.

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