Ways With Fabrics

Fabrics in different patterns and textures combinded in one garment make exiting fashion ideas.

Colourful cotton prints made up into a crazy patchwork can make a striking evening skirt.

Its also a marvelous way of using those odd remnants of favourite material which you just couldnt bear to throw away.

Several printed voiles are combined to make a romantic floaty dress.

You can make a gay patchwork maxi-skirt combining printed and plain cottons, or piece together a romantic floaty dress from colourful voile remnants.

Plain fabrics strips give an unusual geometric effect.
Make this feminine blouse in a plain colour with contrasting printed collar and cuffs.

For a carefree ‘pesant’ style, decorate sleeves and hem with ribbons, beads and embroidery.

A gaily printed blouse with strips of bold stitched plain fabric.

Printed silks, Viyella, wool and synthetic materials can be used in a similar way, so have fun with fabrics, and try your hand at a fashionable get-together.

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